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Ncaa Vs. Nba Draft - 939 Words

In college basketball players are entitled to entering the draft after their freshman year in college because of the one and done rule. NCAA does not believe they should entitled because they want the players to get a degree to secure their future. Also they are too immature for the things that come with being in the NBA. They are not fully prepared or developed for the NBA. I agree with the NCAA that they should increase the minimum of years for a college basketball player to enter the draft. You might wonder, what is the â€Å"one-and-done† rule exactly? â€Å"One-and-done† is when a player enters college and plays only one year and has a choice to either leave college for the NBA or stay for multiple years. NCAA and NBA implemented this rule because they believe that the players are too young and immature for the NBA. Before 2006, players were able to enter the NBA draft straight from high school. Prospects were not panning out and seemed like they needed a year or two develop their game. In other words, players were not meeting expectations. The NCAA wants to increase the amount of years to either two or three years that a player has to stay in college before they can consider entering the draft. The rule only lets a player enter the draft, if they’re 19 years old and one year removed from high school. Players would go to the draft because of financial reasons. Some grew up in poverty and by entering the draft would solve that problem. By creating a big pay day. Tiny Gallon said,Show MoreRelatedProfessional Basketball vs Ncaa College Basketball917 Words   |  4 PagesCompare and Contrast: Professional Basketball vs NCAA College Basketball Sports have became a huge part of our American culture. We are known worldwide for having produced some of the most top-ranked athletes in a wide variety of sports. Basketball has become a very popular sport amongst all types of people ranging from little kids to the older generation. What other sport can you see players jumping high off the ground, going around the back and through the legs, to slam dunk a ball throughRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?3174 Words   |  13 PagesGene Goldston Brian Hance English 12 01/28/15 Should College Athletes Be Paid? College sports are a highly paid business. It is produced sold just like all other commercial products. The NCAA generated over $70 million in the basketball tournaments. Schools who made it to the finale instantly earned over $1.3 million. $275 thousand was given to those who were invited to the tournament. Football is just the same. The (1988-89) seasons produces $53 million and $66 million and was split between allRead MoreMichael Jordan And Kobe Bryant On Equal Footing With The Player1144 Words   |  5 PagesMichael vs Kobe The great Michael Jordan once said â€Å"To many players in today s NBA, Bryant stands on equal footing with the player he patterned his game after.† ( I find it authentically interesting that if you ask Kobe Bryant he will willing confess to attempting to replicate Michael Jordan’s exclusive playing style. When Kobe was questioned concerning the allegations in regards to Kobe stealing MJ’s style of play this was his rebuttal â€Å"as a kid growing up in Italy, allRead MoreThe Legal Issue Selected And How It Affects The Sports World1860 Words   |  8 Pagessurrounding this sport law issue. 3. Suggest changes or modifications that might strengthen the current law. The topic I chose for the research paper was O’Bannon vs. NCAA, because I found this case has lots of aspects worth discussing, like one of the defendants is Electronic Arts Inc., a videogame corporation (I played lots of videogames from EA like NBA LIVE series and FIFA series and I do love them), which made me curious, I would like to know more about EA did in this case and how these actions affectedRead MoreEssay on ESPN: The World Wide Leader in Sports1596 Words   |  7 Pagesthe NFL and NBA. ESPN has TV contractual rights that allow them to broadcast games for each sport live or be allowed to showcase footage of all that nights’ action on their weekly shows. Let’s look back to summer of 2010 when LeBron James made the infamous decision of leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and deciding to join the Miami Heat. While much speculation had gone on in the weeks prior to the event, no one really knew for sure where LeBron James would play ball for the 2010-11 NBA season. ESPNRead MoreEarly Entrance Of The National Football League Draft3467 Words   |  14 PagesEntrance: The Road to the National Football League Draft A recent article in the Wall Street Journal written in March 2014 discusses why underclassmen were suddenly leaving in droves for the NFL draft. A picture on the front depicts Johnny Manziel—who decided to leave Texas AM after his redshirt sophomore season. The article states, â€Å"Throughout the offices and film rooms of NFL teams, the whispers are building: This may be the deepest NFL draft ever. It also may be the one that ruins collegeRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages6 (2005), pp. 1185–1203; and S. E. Scullen, M. K. Mount, and T. A. Judge, â€Å"Evidence of the Construct Validity of Developmental Ratings of Managerial Performance,† Journal of Applied Psychology 88, no. 1 (2003), pp. 50–66. 9. F. Luthans, â€Å"Successful vs. Effective Real Managers,† Academy of Management Executive (May 1988), pp. 127–132; and F. Luthan s, R. M. Hodgetts, and S. A. Rosenkrantz, Real Managers (Cambridge, MA: Ballinger, 1988). See also F. Shipper and J. Davy, â€Å"A Model and Investigation ofRead More_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 Pages.............................................................................................................................. E x a m p l e 1 . 1 0 Graduation Rates for NCAA Division I Schools in California and Texas ââ€"  The Chronicle of Higher Education (Almanac Issue, August 31, 2001) reported graduation rates for NCAA Division I schools. The rates reported are the percentages of full-time freshmen in fall 1993 who had earned a bachelor’s degree by August 1999. Data from the two largest statesRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pages269 United Chemical Company 269 Byron vs. Thomas 271 Active Listening Exercise 272 SKILL APPLICATION 274 Activities for Communicating Supportively Suggested Assignments 274 Application Plan and Evaluation 274 274 SCORING KEYS AND COMPARISON DATA 276 Communicating Supportively 276 Scoring Key 276 Comparison Data 276 Communication Styles 276 Comparison Data 276 SKILL PRACTICE Diagnosing Problems and Fostering Understanding: United Chemical Company and Byron vs. Thomas 278 Observer’s Feedback Form

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Is Casino Development Moral Essay - 1553 Words

The legalization of gambling and casino development in communities has become a heated debate topic in recent years. As with any debate, there are two sides presenting valid arguments. The purpose of this paper is to present information from the perspectives of those both in favor of and opposed to the legalization of gambling and casino development in their communities. The paper concludes with the application of ethical theories to help determine the morality of casino development. Positions Regarding the Legalization of Gambling and Casino Development Debates are created out of a passion and/or concern over a particular issue. In this case, the question that needs answered is â€Å"what are the implications to society for legalizing†¦show more content†¦Finally, an increase in job opportunities is a strong motivator for the legalization of gambling and casino development in a time where jobs are hard to find. Jobs are created in all sectors from planners, construction workers, dealers, table workers, cooks and kitchen staff, bartenders, wait staff, security, hotel staff, event coordinators, etc. Financial reasons are the most discussed reasons for the advocacy of legalizing gambling and casino development. Opposition Position The opposing side of the legalization of gambling and casino development holds the costs to society as the most important reasons to deny the casino industry access to their communities. Some reasons cited as societal costs are: increased crime, increased traffic congestion, and increased family problems (Stitt et al., 2005). According to Stitt et al., (2005) people are concerned with the possible increase of crime in their communities if casinos are allowed to be built. Some of the crimes of concern are theft, prostitution, vandalism, and public drunkenness. Traffic congestion is also a concern for community residents; just getting around town to perform normal living functions such as shopping, dining out, and commuting to work are sufficient reasons for some to oppose casino development in their community (Stitt et al., 2005). Lastly, family issues cited as societal costs too great to pay to allow casino operation in aShow MoreRelatedLegalization of Gambling Pro/Pro1561 Words   |  7 Pageshefty amounts of cash and be content, or on the other hand they can take the chance to lose ample amounts of money and be miserable. But that is the responsibility of the people and the Government should trust and respect that. Spending money in a casino is no different from spending money in a tavern or a sports arena or even at a political fundraiser. The government should not engage themselves in this type of situation. The gambling industry has supported many different types of organizationsRead More Legalization Of Gambling Essay1545 Words   |  7 Pageshefty amounts of cash and be content, or on the other hand they can take the chance to lose ample amounts of money and be miserable. But that is the responsibility of the people and the Government should trust and respect that. Spending money in a casino is no different from spending money in a tavern or a sports arena or even at a political fundraiser. The government should not engage themselves in this type of situation. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The gambling industry has supported many differentRead MoreImproving Organizational Retention Paper1721 Words   |  7 PagesRetention A healthy and productive work environment is important for any organization. Problems will occur; how the problems are solved will influence an employee’s rate of satisfaction or content in his or her current workplace. At JC’s Casino, these problems seem not to be solved to the overall satisfaction if at all. The workplace is experiencing friction and high stress levels that need to be alleviated quickly. If the problems are not solved in a timely manner, the employees dissatisfactionRead MoreWhy Gambling Should Not Be Prohibited Or Policed By The Federal Government1236 Words   |  5 PagesGambling In today’s world there are many different types of gambling such as casinos, state lotteries, pull tabs, bingo, sports and internet gambling. Popularity of this activity remains strong in America, however, there are individuals and groups that continue to scrutinize and attack this industry. I believe gambling is a fun social activity that should not be prohibited or policed by the federal government. It should be an individual’s right to choose if they gamble or not based on theirRead MoreGambling Is Not Immoral Or Unethical1406 Words   |  6 PagesGambling In today’s world, there are many different ways to gamble such as casinos, state lotteries, pull tabs, bingo, sporting events, and the internet, just to name a few. Although the popularity of this activity remains strong in America, there are individuals and groups that continue to scrutinize and attack this industry. People strongly opposed to gambling would like to see it policed by the federal government or outlawed completely; they are wrong. There are several positive aspects of gamblingRead MoreGambling Is Not Only A Fun And Social Activity1288 Words   |  6 PagesGambling In today’s world, there are many different ways to gamble such as casinos, state lotteries, pull tabs, bingo, sporting events and the internet just to name a few. Although the popularity of this activity remains strong in America, there are individuals and groups that continue to scrutinize and attack this industry. Those that are strongly opposed to gambling would like to see it policed by the federal government or outlawed completely; I do not agree. Gambling is not only a fun andRead MoreEthical Problem with Gambling Essay1509 Words   |  7 Pageslegalized commercial casino gambling state (Nelson, 2007). Since 1963, there has been widespread of gambling to take across the nation. It is more than casinos, places to play lottery, or illegal places that hold gambling tournaments. Some of these activities were found in Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Mississippi became popular in the mid-2000s but was known as a gamb ling state in 1996. (Nelson2007). There are a lot of casinos that are built onRead MoreCasinos on Indian Reservations2998 Words   |  12 Pagesmost people bring casino gambling to mind. Approximately five hundred and sixty tribes are recognized by the federal government, and only about one third conduct casino style gambling. (Light and Rand 9) Reservations are sovereign nations, meaning tribes are Dependent on and subordinate to, only the federal government, not the states. (Light and Rand 36) This has been the tribes Ace in the hole that has allowed many reservations to prosper through the operation of casinos. Politics, crimeRead MoreCase Study : Mgm Grand Faces1282 Words   |  6 PagesGrand crisis management, the situation may have not escalated to the stature that it did. Recommendation for a Crisis Management Program makes up for three teams: Crisis Public Relations Team, Crisis Response Team, and Crisis Maintenance Team. Development of a Crisis Public Relations team would be the most influential sector of the Management Program. If a problem occurs, with the exception of the necessary faculty and staff, the costumers should be the first to know. Many times, panic and fear fromRead MoreChapter Study Questions 1 2 Essay1109 Words   |  5 Pagesregressive tax system, which means a tax that imposes a disproportionately heavier burden on low-income people than on the more affluent. 8. What is meant by economic diversification and has Texas done this? 6 Economic diversification is the development of new and varied business activities. New business were encouraged to relocated to or expand in Texas after the oil and gas industry, which had been the base of the state’s economy, suffered a major recession in the 1980’s. 9. What is meant by

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Building Constructive Relations in a Trucking Company

Question: Discuss about the Building Constructive Relations in a Trucking Company. Answer: Introductions Through the case study, the report aims at providing the implications and applications of various human resource management practices that can be applied in the workplace. The provided case study describes about the importance of HR management and the roles that the HR managers play in the realization of the overall goal of any given organization and the theories involved in the study of Human Resource Managements and practices. The report emphasizes on the efficiency of the workplace practices that were introduced by the new Manager in the Constructive relation at top trucking company (the case study). The learner will be able to understand the roles played by the yard manager, the challenges faced by the manager in the process of implementing his strategies. The aspect of change is clearly elaborated, the research illustrates that primarily, the workers fear change for different reasons such as fear of the unknown. Human resource management In the view of Schuler ad Jackson (1987) as referenced in Tan and Nasurdin (2011) Human resource practices is a system that develops, attracts, retains and motivates employees to get ensured about the survival of the members of the organization and organization as a whole. Human resource practices are a style that is used by organizations in resource allocation, managing human capital, and division of tasks. The union delegate that is George Psaros was the expert witness of the company transformation phase, and in offering of his support for the union workers and management of the organization. The company was well recognized although the working condition was affected by the manager who was said to be demanding, dominating and autocratic making the workplace unfavorable to the individuals working in the yard. According to Murthy (2012), HRM is an area of interest where employers and employees interest should coincide with an emphasis on organizational effectiveness. The company when it was operated under the old management had came across several challenges from the manager's attitude which was unwilling and usually commanding for accepting the fact that the divers were unwilling to adopt because of lack of participation of management and his efforts to bringing adaptation. The new manager was so determined and well motivated, he brought in several changes such as dress code, training of workers and equal participation by all the employees including the union`s delegate in the process of improving the workplace practices and performance of the yard. The HRM affect the productivity of any organization either positively or negatively depending on the attitude of the HR manager. Human Resource Management model There are four Human Resource Management models; the Harvard Framework, the Guest the Fombrun and finally the Warwick model (Management study HQ journal, n.d.). The company in the case study utilizes Harvard Framework to manage the workers who are the drivers in the organization. In the case study, the yard under new management mainly focuses on the workers (truck drivers) and introduces several workplace practices to create a productive environment. Coyle-Shapiro et al. (2013), states that in the Harvard Framework model, the line manager needs to accept more work on the basis of responsibilities so to comply with the synchronization of competitive strategy and individual policies. According to this model, the rules are designed for governing the development of activities of the management and its personal and also the implementation of the plans about the organization`s objectives. The employees are the most valuable stakeholders instead of the customers or shareholders; the Harvard Framework model creates the following human resource policies; recruitment of workers the selection, termination, employees appraisal, and promotions. The employee's influence is concerned with the delegation and responsibilities. Managing and Designing the workflow among the reward and people systems which can be practiced via motivating employee by rewarding as well as providing them recognition (Croft, 1995). Application of HRM model Shabnam (2010) illustrated that the important confrontation before the line manager who are workers which are unwilling and autocratic to give approval for the critique. The old management did not involve the employees in decision making; their views were not considered in the management o the yard. Appointed new line manager: The administration named the new manager who has all the information about the conflicts and previous behavior between the union and the old manager. He was open-minded and willing to listen to the innovative ideas from its workers on many occasions. Instead of blaming the workers he preferred to have an open discussion with the workers who were opposed for such change. He explored issues delegated and logical responsibilities for others according to the capabilities of them. Infrastructure change: In the given case study, the new manager was able to inject more capital in the infrastructure of company which is buying new trucks; this was considered as primary issue which was identified from the workers during their process of discussing in open manner with the new manager. The manager spends more capital in investing money in purchase of uniforms for the drivers and invested large funds in the setting new computer system in the yard`s warehouse although the changes were not acceptable but in future it was supported after realizing the advantages brought along (Holden, 2001). Training and development According to Gibb (2008), it was important to nurture the talents and enhance the skills of the workers in the company. The manager initiated a new process to offer training for both customer service segment as well as the drivers. Health and safet The manager has continuously putting his efforts to improve the safety and health of the workers. The management has also invested a huge amount of money in cleaning the yard for establishing clean working conditions for the workers at yard (Hyman, 1996). Sustaining risk of changes if the George or manager as the delegate of union moves on According to the Human Resource Department, going into a new organization or at a new level in the same organization with various demanding task is considered as an important task. Relocating either the Manager of George will result in the following risks: Incomplete task: if the manager is move there will be a risk of unfinished work that intended to create company`s benefit. Both are settled in the company and moving them may lead to change in the course of actions as planned by the organization (Richley, Lingham and Rezania, 2006). The insecurity sense: the change in the practices of manager who has still not understood completely the system would result into the creation of a feeling of insecurity in relation to the future growth as expected as well as for the regular working of the operational activities between the workers and the management (Chew, and Cheng, 2004). Lack of confidence: in case of a labor union the Union delegate has trust and high respect from the employees, if he is moved without proper communication there will be the rise of unresolved issues (Finegan,2000). Unbiased communication: the manager communicates straight, and a simple way and easy to everyone (Kamoche, 1996), moving him away will result in biased communication. Adaptability of workplace changes Blue Collar Union The blue collar union is also called as to be union of the workers, who are working as shop floor workers, drivers, and fire fighters among others. Greater union support is enjoyed by these workers as in comparison to the people who are engaged in service and private sector (Guest, 1994). The Blue collar workers are majorly paid on hour basis or on daily or on weekly basis, as it depends upon the working structure of their organization (White-Collar and Managerial Trade Unions, 2012). These are majorly focused with the union rather than focusing on the management of the organization for which they are working (Merrick, 2001; Barclay, 2001). They posses greater demand in the market, the reason behind this is their jobs requires more of labor and manual work rather than knowledge. These people are appointed and placed majorly for the production work; besides this they have minimal management interactions with the manager (MacDonald, 2015). The employees are categorized as professionals or skilled workers on their key experience and academic knowledge (Evans and Cowling, 1985). Professionals enjoy lesser union support, with different viewpoints and acceptability level in relation to the changes in workplace. Baker (2005) states that people working for public and private sectors are much closer to the managerial persons and their decision-making activities as compared to people who are associated with the union of transport workers. Besides this, people working in the service and public sector have more saying over decisions for policy making. Hence, the blue collar union workers has to adapt according to the workplace changes in a more accepting way as compare to workers which are engaged in the private sector or service sector (Klehe, 2004). Conclusion By analyzing the case study on building constructive relationship in top trucking company the model as of Harvard Framework is adopted for renovating the organization by introducing several changes in the workplace in the organization. Replacing the computer systems, training of all workers, uniforms, manager and increasing the focus on drivers, the dedication of the new manager and the union delegate have profoundly influenced the success of the company. Human resource management act as the backbone of the business operations, well-established HR will determine the possibilities of the firms` growth and poor HR management with no doubt will lead to failure of the company. Reference Baker, B. (2005) The Fight Goes On! : Global View,pp.24-35 Barclay, J. (2001) Improving selection interview with structure: Organizations` use of behavioral interviews, Personnel Review, vol. 30,no. 1,pp.81-101. Cheng, J. and Chew, L. (2004) the influence of Human Resource Management Practices on retention of Core Employees of Australian Organizations: AN Empricial Study, Murdock University, July Coyle-Shapiro, J., Hoque,K., Kessler, I., Pepper, A., Richardson, R. and Walker, L. (2013) Human Resource Management: the London School of Economics and Political Science. Crofts, P. (1995)A helping hand up the career ladder: people Management, September. Evans, A., and Cowling, A., (1985) Personnel`s part in organizational restructuring: Personnel Management, January, pp.14-17. Finegan, J.E. (2000) The impact of personal and organizational values of organizational commitment: Journal of organizational and occupational psychology, vol.73, no. 2, pp. 149-154. Gibb, S. (2008) Human resource development: practices and perspectives, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Guest, D. E. (1994) Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management: towards a European approach, European Work and Organizational psychologist, vol.4 pp.251-270. Holden, L. (2001) Human Resource development: the organization and the national framework London: Pearson. Hyman, J. (1996) Training and development: the employer`s responsibility?, Oxford. Kamoche, K. (1996) Strategic human resource management within a resource capability view of the firm: journal of management studies, vol.2 no. 33, pp. 213-33. Klehe, U. (2004) Choosing how to choose: Institutional pressures affecting the adoption of personnel selection procedures: international Journal of selection and assessment, vol. 12, pp. 327-42. Lingham, T., Richley, B. and Rezinia, D. (2006) An evaluation for training programmes: a case study using a four approach, Career Development International. MacDonald, L. (2015) What is HR`s Roles in Maintaining Effective Working Relationship With Unions?, [Online], Available: [30 March 2017]. Management Study HQ, (n.d.). Human Resource Management Models. [Online] Available: [31 march 2017] Merrick, N. (2001) Welcome aboard: people management, May. Murthy, D. (2012). IJMT: Accountability of any personnel manager. [Online] available: [31 March 2017] Shabnam(2010)Models of Human Resource Management (HRM), [Online], Available: [30 March 2017]. Tan, C. L. Nasurdin, A. M. (2011). Human resource management practice and organization Innovation: Assessing the mediating role of knowledge management effectiveness.[online]available:,d.ZGg [31 March 2017] White-Collar and Managerial Trade Union (2012), [Online], Available: [31 March 2017].

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Performance and Employees Management Tools

Forced rankings define controversial employees’ management tools that evaluate workers’ performance by using employee-to-employee comparisons. These systems of ranking have gained popularity among large corporations of the size of fortune 500 companies.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Performance and Employees’ Management Tools specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This has been attributed to a number of advantages which presumably outweigh the disadvantages associated with adopting and implementing the use of these employee evaluation systems. Starting with the advantages, Alsever (2007) came across findings that revealed that these systems of evaluation jolt underperforming managers from their complacency. This reputable scholar also acknowledge that they assisted in combating the unwanted incidences such as inflating performance ratings as is the case with most common conventional rating s ystems. This was supported by Grote (2005) when he argued that they enabled independent verification of employees’ performance data. In addition, these systems have the advantage of reducing nepotism, unfair promotions and favoritism. Furthermore, they act as justifiable and legal means of narrowing down and retrenching underperforming employees. Despite having the above advantages, the following were identified as their disadvantages: These systems call on the retrenching and rehiring of best performers which has proved a costly measure to some financially-stretched companies (Alsever, 2007). Furthermore, established firms such as Microsoft, Capital One and Ford are incurring huge legal expenses as a result of suits filed by sacked former employees. These employees considered the systems unfair and discriminating them based on their age and gender.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More To add, most critics associate the systems with creating competitive environments that limit teamwork, creativity, result in unethical and cutthroat behaviors amongst others. On the other hand, Grote (2005) opined that the culture of forced ranking kept off some high-potential applicants from expressing interest in working with companies implementing these approaches. Deliveries of organizational-training programs (also renamed training delivery methods) are group of materials and techniques used by trainers in structuring their training tools or programs. They are important to employees’ overall success because they assist in determining their appropriate learning objectives and hence appropriate training methods. Examples of such methods include cognitive methods such as discussions, lectures and case studies. They influence target groups by demonstrating the relationships among themes of study. This leads to acquisition of knowledge and change in partici pants’ attitudes. Other than cognitive methods, other examples of training delivery methods are business games, behavior modeling and in-basket techniques. They influence audiences by allowing trainees or participants to practice ethics in simulated or real fashions. According to Axson (2010, p.25), the key components within a performance management plan are the systems (on organizational and personnel structures, project limitations and risks), information, and processes (on planned collaborations).Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Performance and Employees’ Management Tools specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More All these are used by managers in strategizing, monitoring execution, forecasting employee performance and making decisions. It is recommended by various authors that project evaluators should posses the ability to measure or judge key performance indicators. This is drawn from the signific ance that they form benchmarks for ascertaining the project progress and status (Mosse Sontheimer, 1996, p.1). To expound on this explanation, the author established that quantification of the performance indicators helped in organizing project information in a way that clarified the existing relationships among project variables. These variables are unlimited to project inputs, outputs, and outcomes. This promotes and enables the identification of problems and opportunities with a view of providing solutions that enhance the successful attainment of project aim and goals. References Alsever, J. (2007). What is forced ranking? CBS News. Web. Axson, D.A.J. (2010). Best practices in planning and performance management: Radically rethinking management for a volatile world. 3rd edn. John Wiley Sons: New Jersey. Grote, D. (2005). Forced ranking: Making performance management work. Harvard Business School. Web.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Mosse, R. Sontheimer, L.E. (1996). Performance monitoring indicators handbook. World Bank Technical Paper No.334. Washington D.C: The World Bank. This assessment on Performance and Employees’ Management Tools was written and submitted by user Nathalie Hawkins to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Understanding Learning essays

Understanding Learning essays On my journey to a better understanding of how learning theories have shown themselves in my life, I realized that I have had more experience with them than I had first thought. I dont see myself as being changed dramatically by any one learning experience, but I do realize that my desire to learn has increased as I have been introduced to a variety of teaching methods. In short, I could not pick one theory that I could relate most of my learning experiences to. Therefore, as I looked through our textbook, I tried to remember if and how any of these theories played a role in my educational development so far. As we have studied, most learning theories can be placed into one of two groups: cognitive learning and association learning. The cognitive learning view states that learning is based on a restructuring of perceptions and thoughts occurring within the organism. This restructuring allows us to perceive new relationships, solve new problems, and gain understanding of a subject area. Cognitive learning theorists stress the reorganization of ones perceptions in order to achieve understanding. (Sprinthall, Sprinthall, and Oja; Educational Psychology- A developmental Approach 1998) One of these cognitive-learning theorists is Wolfgang Kohler. Kohler performed many experiments with chimps during World War I. Kohler constructed a variety of problems for the chimps, each of which involved obtaining food that was not directly accessible. In the simplest task, food was put on the other side of a barrier. Dogs and cats in previous experiments had faced the barrier in order to reach the food, rather than moving away from the goal to go around the barrier. The chimps, however, presented with an apparently similar situation, set off immediately on the roundabout route to the Over the last few years my husband and I, for lack of anything ...

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Market Structure Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Market Structure - Research Paper Example (Eaton, Diane and Douglas, 2002 pp.93) The firm is in equilibrium if it maximizes profit defined as the difference between revenues and costs (** = R-C). The equilibrium point is where the firm produces the output that maximizes the difference between TR & TC curves as shown below. In the short term the firm will either be making excess profits or losses depending on the position of an AC curves i.e. if the AVC curve lays below the price the firm is making excess profit as shown below. It is only possible for the firm to be equilibrium. The short run without necessarily breaking even point. However, in the long run the firm will either make neither losses nor excess profit i.e. the break even point will be the equilibrium point for the firm as shown below. The supply of such a firm may be derived by the points of intersection of MC curve with the successive demand curve. Assuming that the market prices increase gradually the demand curve will tend to shift upwards. Given the slope of the MC curve is positive each higher demand curve cuts the given MC curve on a point which lies to the right of the previous intersection. This implies that the quantity supplied by firm increases as the price increases. (Eaton, Diane and Douglas, 2002 pp.85) Changing from perfect competition to a monopoly that changes a single price will have associated implications to the firm. This is because as a monopoly market the market structure will consist of one single firm that will deal with products that have no close substitute, there will be no free entry of into the market and the firm will be a price maker meaning that the amount sold in the market will depend on the price Q = F (P) The monopolist will have a normal demand curve Q = a - b P with an option of making either of the following two decisions: (1) the price - in this case the quantity will be determined by the customer (2) the quantity- in this case the price will be determined by the future of demand and supply in the market The demand is equal to the average revenue (P = AR) for the monopolist since: Q = a - b P b p = a - q P = a - Q or a - 1____ ____ ____ Q b b b TR = P Q but P = a - 1____ ____ Q b b AR = TR = (a/b) Q - (1/b) Q2 = (a/b) - (1-b) Q thus P = AR ________________ Q They all have a common intercept (a/b) with the MR curve being twice as steep as the AR or the Demand

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Disclosure of information Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Disclosure of information - Essay Example I was taken aback by his/her early disclosure. That really turned me off. I know everybody has issues but I did not expect that he/she would tell me his/her domestic issue when he/she barely knew me. It is just too much information and too soon. And he/she is ruining the night. We we are supposed to have fun that night and not discuss domestic issues. With his/her early disclosure, the atmosphere suddenly became serious and problematic. I am no longer enjoying the date and could not wait to get off from that date. Especially when he/she mentioned that he/she wants to get married so that he/she can leave his/her house. I had the impression that this person is desperate and I am going to be used as an escape goat. It also gave me the impression that I will not be happy with this person because he/she has a lot of personal baggage. That if I will be in a relationship with this person, he/she will force me to settle down to serve his/her purpose of escaping her domestic issues. My relationship with that person literally ended on that night. Though he/she calls and texted afterwards, I no longer reply. He/She tried to set up us again but I am already avoiding him/her. His/her early disclosure about his/her domestic issues dampened the prospect of what could have been a wonderful relationship. It disappointed and frustrated my expectations too. I have been looking forward to be in relationship but the early disclosure tells me that this is going to be a problematic relationship and such, has to be avoided. The relationship did not progress after the first